I'm going to tell you something, there's not a big deal but I'm such a dramatic person, so , bring ur snacks , coffee or your puppie to give her/him love while you read my super interesting article

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Snacks and puppies

I´m a girl who talks spanish but 2 years ago i started to learn english
THANKS that I'm in a Fandom it wasn't too hard bc already know a few things (BASIC THINGS and others ... and yeah)
SOO... I'm learning and if you see something wrong in my grammar so sorry :) and... to the people how know spanish I'm going to give you a deeper quote

Me gustan los burritos
- Yo , 2018

If don't understand that, don't worry
it was something dumb , I mean , it was the most scientific thing that you ever heard , obviously duh!?

Okkkay , stop, sorry ppl

I'm going to try write a lot of articles to practice my english (AGAin sorry if my grammar isn't okay) and actually it's the why I'm going to write this things and i'm not taking my time to fandoms and series
I would like to learn english ( like a pro plz) , italian and french anddd that's it . Oh... wait, my mom wantsme to learn japanese bc in the city where i live there's a lot LOT of japanese business.
I would like to go to Italy , idk why but i love Italy and also for my carreer i need a little of italian and french

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Well, this article was just for say hello and tell you that i exist and i have WHI sice i have memory

Okay, so, i need to go to bed
Good night humans

I'm going to put over here my profile just bc it's my article and i can do whatever a want