Aries- A last minute trip to Disney World.

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An Aries refuses to sit still and wants to be going from morning until night. They also are the type who goes on impulse, so once they book their trip, they will go all out to plan a trip with maximum action and fun in the happiest place on Earth.

Taurus- A staycation to save up for a bigger trip next year.

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Oh, the Taurus… always so practical and patient. Why save up for a vacation only to return back with absolutely no money left?

Gemini- A train ride along the Pacific Coast.

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A Gemini struggles to make up their mind, so deciding on a vacation destination is always a difficult task. The Pacific coast will give you beach, forest, city, country and everything in between.

Cancer- Somewhere on a beach.

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A true water sign, a Cancer is going to want to be tanning by the ocean, enjoying a relaxing week away from the stress of their daily life.

Leo- A trip to a party city with friends.

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Most Leos would rather be in Mexico at a resort, but if they have to stay in the U.S. you are most likely to find them in Las Vegas (if they are of age).

Virgo- A trip to Washington D.C. to advocate for social injustice, particularly for nature or animals.

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A Virgo is not going to waste a week off school relaxing when there are causes like clean water and animal abuse that need to be brought up to the people in Washington. And if they are not successful, there are plenty of historical sights and free museums to see while you are there.

Libra- Will go wherever their friends want to go.

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As long as a Libra gets a vacation, they don’t really care where it is. They are up for anything and won’t complain, making them an ideal vacation companion…unless they are all Libra’s and will never be able to decide where to go.

Scorpio- Somewhere warm and sunny.

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It is called Spring Break for a reason and a Scorpio is going to make sure they come back to class with a tan and some good vacation stories. Don’t try to change their mind either, its already been decided.

Sagittarius- Plans a road trip to several different cities to please all their friends.

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This is the type of person who wakes up at the crack of dawn to drive all night so everyone with them gets to see EVERYTHING. They know all the weird roadside attractions and will stop for anything.

Capricorn- A vacation with their family, which they will later regret.

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A Capricorn is very family-oriented, but it is still their vacation, so if they get sick of their family, they will venture off on their own. Don’t worry, they will come back in time for the flight home.

Aquarius- A misson trip to an underdeveloped urban area.

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An Aquarius is a true humanitarian, even on their time off, so they would want their vacation to be used helping others.

Pisces- New York City.

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What better place to send an artistic creative student than the Big Apple? Between the museums, shows and shopping districts, they will be soaking up every moment until they have to go home.

If your sign doesn't fit your style or you don't believe that zodiac signs are accurate, use these ideas for your next vacation. You deserve it!