Heyo, are you guys doing fine?
This is going to be the last article of the "recognition" series T.T, hope you liked of them all and let me know if you like that kind of articles, i write for you so make sure to leave a heart and/or reaction for me to know what to do next.
In case you didn't see the previous articles, i put some artists which i think should be more recognized and let a song for you to listen.

Let's see who i'm going to put this time!

❖ Odd Eye Circle (Loona)

❖ SVT Hip Hop Team (Seventeen)

❖ BCHCS (Dia)

❖ AOA Cream

❖ Infinite F

❖ Rainbow Blaxx

❖ Bastarz (Block B)

❖ Strawberry Milk (Crayon Pop)

❖ Triple T (Miss A Min, 2AM Jo Kwon, SNSD Hyoyeon)

❖ Spica S

❖ After School Blue


I have to share with you guys two solo artists that are truly amazing and you need to see.

❖ Minseo

❖ Hoya

Hoya album is going to release soon and minseo debut was some days ago, make sure to give both of them lots of love!
Like i said in another article, with the end of that series i'm going to start two new series, one of them, if you guys like, is going to be a long term serie, maybe never reach an end, who knows? So, make sure to follow me to stay tuned!