I've been in WHI for a while now and it's my first time doing an article so I thought it would be a good idea start with something about me and I saw this tag and thought it would be a good way. so here it goes...

1What is your name?

2 What does your name mean?
The name Adriana is an Italian baby name. the meaning of the name Adriana is: Dark

3 Where are you from?
El Salvador

4 star sign?

5 Favorite drink?
coffee and ice tea

6 Favorite food?

7 Favorite way to pass time?
watching netflix, youtube and reading

8 Favorite music genre?
pop, latin music, k-pop

9 what is something you look for in a partner?

10 what countries would you like to visit?
Whole Asia

I hope you enjoyed it

If you want to ask me something or only talk be free to send me a postcard I’ll be happy to answer