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Music is a very important part in my life. I believe every song has a meaning and it belongs to a certain moment or emotion. And because of that this “20 songs tag” really captured my attention.

A shoutout to @via_oli; her article inspired me so much. At the end of
this article I will let the link to hers. Enjoy!

➳ 20 songs tag

1| My favorite song (at the moment)

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie

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“Rebel Rebel, you've torn your dress.”

2| One song you hate

No - Meghan Trainor

3| A song that makes you sad

Whatsername - Green Day

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“Thought I ran into you down on the street then it turned out to only be a dream”

4| A song that reminds you of somebody

I’d Rather Dance With You - Kings of Convenience

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"Even if I could hear what you said I doubt my reply would be interesting for you to hear."

5| A song that makes you happy

Sun - Two Door Cinema Club

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"I have waited for the rain to come. When through that mist I see the shape of you and I know that I'm in love with you."

6| A song that reminds you a specific moment

Bronce - Barco

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"Everything is so real. You imagine it but it's so real as the music that sounds in your body."

7| A song that you know the lyrics perfectly

Rock And Roll Lifestyle - Cake

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"And how much did you pay for your rock'n'roll t shirt that proves you were there, that you heard of them first?"

8| A song that makes you dance

New Rules - Dua Lipa

drawing, new rules, and dua lipa image girl, pink, and aesthetic image
“And if you're under him you ain't getting over him.”

9| A song that helps you going to sleep

Reading In Bed - Emily Haines

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“Sing from a book you were reading in bed and took to heart.”

10| A guilty pleasure song

Shake It - Metrostation

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“Now if she moves like this will you move her like that?”

11| A song that you used to love but now you hate

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, 1989, and polaroid image blonde, free, and mountain image
“I stay out too late, got nothin' in my brain, that's what people say.”

12| A song from your favorite album

The Guns Of Brixton - The Clash

punk, the clash, and music image the clash, rock, and guitar image
“When they kick at your front door how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun?”

13| A song that you can play with an instrument

(jk, the instrument is my voice)

Love & Drugs - The Maine

stars, couple, and boy image love, drugs, and grunge image
“Let the waves of strange fall down. Let them crash and drift around.”

14| A song you've sung or you'll like to sing in public

Do You Want It All? - Two Door Cinema Club

Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, autumn, and fall image
“We're low in our hearts. We're low in our heads But all in good time.”

15| The perfect song for driving

Radio Radio - Elvis Costello

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“They say you better listen to the voice of reason but they don't give you any choice 'cause they think that it's treason.”

16| A song from your childhood

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

quotes, red, and love image aesthetic, alternative, and couple image
“I want your love and I want your revenge.”

17| One song you will like to be played on your wedding

Little Talks - Of Monsters And Men

quotes, sad, and tumblr image house, vintage, and city image
“'Cause though the truth may vary this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.”

18| One song you will like to be played at your funeral

Everlong - Foo Fighters

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“And I wonder when I sing along with you if everything could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again.”

19| A song that nobody would expect you to like it

rockstar - Post Malone

post malone image post malone image
Dude, your girlfriend is a groupie, she just tryna get in sayin', "I'm with the band.”

20| A song that that inspires you

Believer - Imagine Dragons

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“Pain, you break me down, you build me up, believer.”

That's all for now!

Thank you for reading! It was actually hard because I listen to a lot of things but I liked the result. I will be here waiting for your articles! Best of luck.

See ya! Juli.

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