Hi, I'm Hallie and i"m addicted to concerts. I take any chance I can to go to one and it's where I feel the most myself. After the last concert I went to (Joywave, I highly recommend), I decided I wanted to make a list of my best tips to make any concert the best it can be. After 14 concerts, I like to think I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. I have a lot so this will be done in parts.

1. Download apps such as Songkick and Ticketmaster.
- On Songkick you can follow your favorite bands be notified when they
release new concerts near your chosen city.
2. Join email lists (TIcketmaster, Livenation and Ticket Liquidator) to get presale dates and to buy from.
3. Know what concerts you're interested in ahead of time (personally, I have a list on my phone and I've made sure to track them all on Songkick)
4. Buy tickets during the presale if you can. By signing up for email lists, you'll get early access codes and resale tickets are more expensive.
5. General Admission is my personal favorite concert experience.
6. Unless it's a really special band, don't spend more than $100 for a ticket. It sounds like a lot of money but the experience is worth it. I use Christmas and my birthday to get my more expensive concert tickets.
6. Unless it's ugly, I always buy the tour t-shirt at the merchandise table but I have never spent more than $40 on a band t-shirt (rare).
7. Stay through the encore unless you're just not that into it- then you can leave early and avoid foot and car traffic.
8. If possible, Uber to and from the venue so you don't have to deal with traffic, directions, and parking. Plus, after the concert it's super easy to just hop into an Uber.
9. If you're going to a general admission concert, get there either an hour early, or whenever the doors open. That's how to get the best spot.
10. Hydrate before and after and use the restroom beforehand so you don't lose your spot.
11. I always check out the opening act before. I found one of my favorite bands of all time because they opened at a concert I went to.
12. If you like one of the openers band, record just part of it where you can hear the lyrics so you can refer to it later and find it on Spotify.
13. If you don't have Spotify, get it.
14. Use www.setlist.fm to find recent set lists and make a playlist so you know what songs the band will play and you'll be familiar with them.
15. Always sing, dance, and ENJOY YOURSELF! That's the best part about concerts.
16. Concerts are a great excuse to dress up and do dramatic makeup, so go for it.
17. Voice record all your favorite songs so you don't have to hold up your phone and you can better enjoy the live experience.
18. Voice record while simultaneously taking a Snapchat video of your favorite parts; Snapchat filming doesn't stop a voice recording, Apple camera does)
19. Only record choruses and your favorite parts so you don't have a million videos to sort through.
20. Take pictures! I like to take pictures while videoing on my phone camera. You can get some really cool action shots.

That's it for tonight, but I'll post some more ASAP!