1.- Will it matter in 5 years? Then relax...
Sometimes we feel like our world is falling apart and believe me after you learn what to give importance to your life will become a lot easier. When you are facing a problem give it importance but ask yourself: will it matter in five years? If it will, ok, its time to worry. If it wont just relax and let it be. So go ahead text that guy, and dont stress out if he doesnt text you back.

girl, smile, and adele exarchopoulos image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧

2.- Does it have a solution? Then dont stress out. It doesnt have a solution? Then dont stress out.
Kinda similar to the last one. Reflect on what you are giving importance and energy to.
If it has a solution try to find it, but relax it will be solved. If it doesnt have a solution then it doesnt matter how much you stress over it because it stll doesnt have a solution. So, you are better if you dont.

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*3.- Everything that goes comes and everything that comes goes. So just go with the flow.
I have a special attachment to this one. If you believe in karma this is really similar. Let thing go and come. What is supposed to stay will stay and what should go will go. Just flow with it (I really want to get a wave tattoo inspired by this)

waves, beach, and sea image Image by Itzy

Ok sunshines that was it for today hope you likes. Stay positive. xx