Isn't it nice when we have that close group of friends or that one best friend? We can talk about anything, do anything and they will be by our side no matter what. Am I right? Or?

Fake Friend

Did you have any fake friends?
You know, that person who became your friend just for publicity or just to get something out of your friendship. Be it something to gossip around or other "benefits", you name it.
Of course, the friendship has an expiration date and it ends up hurting you, badly.

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Some would be a fake friend just to get into your group, hang out for popularity or get some juicy stuff to tell others

Best Friend or Nothing

Personally, I believe parting ways with your best friend is truly heartbreaking. That one, the only one person you put all your trust in, made crazy good memories with, the one you would go to jail for, betrayed you. And for what? Most friendships come to an end because of some stupid selfish reasons.

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In the end, having your best friend betray you is the worst case scenario. It turns you into a person who is afraid to trust people anymore. From that moment you two are/mean nothing to each other.

Broken Trust

Present time, you are a different person, more caution who you make friends with, not wanting to experience a broken friendship again but.
It will happen, you know it will because this is part of living your life, of growing up as a person. It is about going through a learning process.

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My life feels like a test I did not study for

Thank you so much for reading and engaging with my articles, I am so glad to find out there are people who relate to my posts. :)