To put it simply, we all want something. Whether that comes to being in a loving relationship for the rest of our years or not, is up to each individual. But, either way, we all need to know some things before we get deep down into that desire. Here are 5 things I've personally picked up concerning serious relationships.

1. You will never be perfect, and neither will they.
This may be obvious for some, but no matter who or what you picture in your head about who you wish to love, there will never be an exact copy of it. Now, this doesn't mean you shouldn't still look, this means you shouldn't keep high expectations over someone, they are human and imperfect, just like you.

2. You don't have to listen to every word.
If your partner gives you advice many times, that's always appreciated. Though, some partners tend to give you trouble when you do something different from what they advised. Don't think you have to always do what they say, you have your own decisions, as you are your own person. Always.

3. It doesn't have to always be serious
There's always those people who take everything seriously. Whether it's due to them being in a more etiquette mindset, or if it's because they get offended easily, there's no need to be like that. You can joke around, and if they don't understand it, that's their fault. It's not that you aren't funny. (trust me, there is a spectrum of humor, someone somewhere will think you're hilarious)

These next two will have more sexual references, if that is sensitive for you, click away :)

4. You don't have to listen to them constantly, especially sexually
Consent is a natural part of serious relationships, even not serious relationships, even non relations. Consent is important, and so are you. Don't give yourself up to someone sexually unless you are truly ready and you truly wish to. Even not sexually, you are worth more than you may even comprehend. Keep yourself safe as much as possible.

5. Our bodies are weird, so if you aren't in the mood, that's okay!
Many people become confused over why they may feel sexy, but are still dry. That's natural, there's only a small percentage for when ones body may be as aroused as their mind. And if you aren't feeling is, that's fine, feel it in your own time, and stay comfortable. You are valid, and accepted.

- Thank you for reading my personal advice, I hope it travels well with you. :)