I am moving out this weekend to live with my boyfriend and his family, I am excited, scared, all sorts waa~ It's sad to leave my family and I've been thinking about it a lot so I wanted to write this article for me really, to get some of my feelings about it out.

My Boyfriend

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He's a little older than me so he treats me more like an adult than my family/friends, this helps me go out and face my anxieties with confidence because of his encouragement. The perfect balance of not being too mollycoddled or having not enough support achieved! He encourages me to get things done but doesn't allow my self-esteem to get damaged or my anxieties to increase when I don't manage to do what I set out to.

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When I say things that are excessively negative, irrational and anxiety filled he doesn't get angry with me, even if I've said them before. He takes the time to talk me out of them and comforts me, knowing that what I've said is silly he still won't call me "stupid" or anything like that. The accompanying cuddles are the best ♥

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I don't plan and I'm pretty indecisive, I'd often wing things in school that were supposed to be planned out beforehand, which panicked my friends a lot during exams~ whoopsie. He balances me out, gets me to plan ahead and set dates for things, make clear decisions without procrastinating on it (I've still never kept myself on a strict schedule though, heh, that'll be interesting to try out).

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He can admit when he's said or done something wrong and sincerely apologise. I know so many people who I've never heard sincerely apologise, they have too much pride to do that, don't want to make themselves look bad, etc. He doesn't make excuses and faces the situation with honesty, doesn't try to brush past it or do it quickly which I appreciate a lot.

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Bonus: he has warm hands to match my cold ones ♥

He's blunt, he sometimes says that's a bad thing but I think it's a good quality to have. I'd much rather receive complete honestly than white lies, no matter how good the intention behind the lie is or if you're trying to be kind/considerate - no. Also, because he's brazen I can trust him, his compliments that I may otherwise distrust because I think he just says them to make me feel good if he wasn't so blunt.

My Mum

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She's not afraid to let loose and be silly, star jumping while waiting in line at the parking ticket machine, sneaking up and joining in an Elvis dance on a Just Dance game that I'm playing with my friends, heartily sing cockney songs with the London-born side of our family. If we laugh a lot and tease her a bit, she knows that we love her and doesn't get offended, she can see the fun in it too. Even just going to the supermarket with her is really fun and enjoyable~

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She cares and helps people out all the time, maybe too much~ ♥ You don't even need to be human, any snail on any footpath will be rescued! We have a small family and she's the only female around other than me, and I'm still a young'n so she does a lot to bring the family together. For example, she really does make Christmas, the dinner, the homemade mince pies, the decorations, the extra little presents with labels to say that they're from our cat Tabitha, and more. ♥

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She listens to me the most, I can talk about anything to her because she makes me feel super comfortable and free to say anything without being judged. Also, she knows so quickly when I'm not okay just by small changes in my demeanour and expression and will put aside what she's doing and sometimes even her plans to check on me. We hug a countless number of times every day and it's great for recharging, I love ittt.

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(tangent just in case that's a problem for you in your family)

My Dad

He is the more rational and down-to-earth one of my parents, giving the calmest and most reassuring advice. I'll be panicking, maybe crying, yelling a bit while he remains casual, smiling, denying and talking me out of whatever I seem to think is going to be the end of the world level bad. My mum's a bit of a worrier, I get it from her, so he gets some practice in this when we get a bit too self-conscious about things, etc.

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(not mine but heh)

We have a similar sense of humour, more dark and taboo than my mother's so we can joke about topics and watch the same films and tv programmes together that we can't with mum. Also, this includes more gory things like crime-based series with corpses or wildlife documentaries with hunting scenes. Mum always ends up walking in on torture scenes by accident bless her...

He (and his dad ♥) have hearty loud voices and I love that their voices are like that, you can't doubt a person or feel too anxious with a voice like that calming you down. Plus, they both give really big warm hugs, we're big on hugging in my family, heh. Of course, the dad jokes~

But most importantly:

We are comrades against my mum when she serves us broccoli for dinner!!

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My Older Brother

He's great to be with for idle, boring situations because he can come up with the best and most creative "Would you rather?" questions and similar games like that to pass the time, it's always a laugh~

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Even though he makes fun of me constantly and gets annoying and irritating... I know if I'm ever really upset, he's got my back~ He'd jokingly threaten to go beat up anyone in school that made me cry and things like that, remind Harry that he threw him into a hedge once, huehuehue.

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He introduced me to video games growing up (PS2 and Pokemon~ but I play on more platforms now + PC) so he got me into that past time that I love and still spend hours on~ ♥ This probably also fired up my competitive side when I played against him, I have social anxiety, but I still get loud and enthusiastic during sports and video games.

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Of course, he is my comrade against our parents when they aren't being fair or are both in bad moods!

My Uncle

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He's a bit of an eccentric guy, a supply teacher who never turns off his teaching mode, cri~ He will wear socks, sandals, shorts and a hat that has the flap that covers the neck (can't remember the name for it, ack) so that's always fun, pfft. His cooking always smells very different to any other cooking, he's a lot more experimental than the rest of my family, at first I was pretty disgusted by how his marinated chicken looked (like cat food) but oh my gosh you're missing out, it's the best. ♥

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I remember him taking me and my brother out on a woodland walk when we were pretty little to find snails and teach us about nemoralis and hortensis snails. I have retained this weird useless information forever because he made it that interesting and exciting, especially when we found humbug snails. I'm glad that I've retained the ability to be enthusiastic about whatever interests I have without embarrassment, just like how snails were fascinating to me then. He himself still wins ping pong tournaments and performs with a band in pubs even though he's in his sixties which I think is great.

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I'm also thankful for him coming round with lists of upcoming theater productions or concerts that my family wouldn't normally attend. My parents get so stressed and caught up in their work that they don't take the time to go out all that much, especially not performances of any kind so it's great that he provides more of an opportunity to do so.

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My Bestest Friend

(We've been friends since we were 4 ♥ and we did not make friends naturally, not at all, I asked her if she'd be my friend on our first meeting because her hair looked pretty from behind.. pfft~)

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We go through phases and get new hobbies together: Merlin, K-pop, Nightcore, anime, etc. Whenever we meet up we end up watching documentaries and youtube videos on whatever the other has been getting into, I learn about something different every time I visit her, it's great. ♥ We're both a bit awkward about different things, for example, she can't swim and doesn't like going to cinemas, but still the time flies together. ^.^

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I'm not trying to romanticise these issues, it's the fact that no matter what problems we have, we are there for each other, no judgement. We both have similar issues: she has trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) and I have dermatillomania (skin picking disorder), we browse through items online together that we could buy to fiddle with to stop ourselves from picking/pulling. Also, we both have anxiety problems, so when one of us has to go out for a haircut or to buy something, the other often comes with. ♥ We relate to our problems so much that we're comfortable enough to joke a lot about our problems and send each other memes about our problems, so we don't get too bogged down with them, heh.

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I am so thankful for all the happy and sad times they've gone through with me. ♥
Our pet cats too~ =^.^=

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Much Love ♥

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