Since a lot of people is doing this I want to do it too, so I'm doing it! btw, I don't know how this works, but I'm gonna write some stupid facts about me like if I was important or something.

1. I was born on march 3th. I'm xy years old and if you are good at astronomy things the you'll know that I'm pisces, but that's don't even care.

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2. My english is bad, I know it. But you don't wanna know my hangul. I just like to learn new languages sometimes, but I'm so shy at the time to talk, like "yo don't know this idioma, what es annyeonghaseyo?''.

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3. I don't care about music genre or language, if the lyric is good I can listen to trap.

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4. I'm that annoying person who is crying inside but is smiling outside.

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5. I believe in God and his power, I believe in miracles and heaven.

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6. I'm a contradiction.

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7. Who loves weird and talented bands.

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8. I love kpop, krock and jrock too.

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9. You can find me in Not today by twenty one pilots.

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10. I love comics, webtoons, currently reading manga. I love asian, american and british series. Netflix and stranger things are my everything. I'm just writing randomly.

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bye, amazing people.