Hello, guys! So I decided to create a little article series called Alter Ego that details the personality traits of the people in my alternative universe. It may sound weird, but I've always found comfort in creating characters in my head who are different from me, ranging from the way they dress, talk, act, etc. The amount of hearts and reactions I get on these articles doesn't matter to me, but feedback is much appreciated!
I hope you all enjoy. xoxo
She is immaculate. From the face up, to the neck down.
Her spirit is harmonious. Her mind is her art form.
Her big brown eyes tell a story that she is too afraid to share. Her peach colored lips hold secrets so deep that she's nearly choking on her own despair.
However, Cleo puts on a flawless facade that hides the madness, the anger, and the sorrow.
She is evocative, unashamed of her past, present, and future lovers.
She walks with grace, speaks with elegance, and goes about her days with no regrets.
Cleo. Confident. Lambent. Easygoing. Optimistic.
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