Hey guys! I saw this challenge on @finding_inspiration_ 's account so I decided to do it as well as part of my 'Get to know me' series. I really hope you like it!!


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My black leggings are something I have on all the time. I also usually wear denim jackets,simple shirts or a comfy sweater (all of them are mostly oversized lol) but I also like wearing my black skirt.


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Hobbies & passions

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traveling is something i plan to do my whole life. It's just one of my favorite things in the world.
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one of my favorite things is watching tv shows & movies (especially marvel ones).
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the stars & the sky are literally my favorite thing in the universe. I'll never get tired of it.
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how can one not love music like ??


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and many many more which u can check out in my collection.

I know this post is really long but I just wanted to share as much as I can about me here. Thank you for reading!! Next post on Saturday

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