There some days where I wish people could understand my problems and some days which I feel like giving up of life. I learnt that God or who ever you believe gives the toughest battles to the ones that are capable of handling it. I'm not the only one behind the struggle their are so many strong woman that inspired me (to overcome my issues). Here are couple of woman that inspire me !

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For those in relationship to always remember. Never apologise for being you !

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Selena Gomez is someone that I find very inspiring not only she's someone that's battling lupus but she's someone that makes the best out the worst

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Emma Watson is Strong feminist that believes stands up for equality. She has been an inspiration for me because of doesn't let the hate get to her and always finds herself with helping others

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To me Taylor Swift is someone that's very confident, doesn't care what others think of her. Like she says haters are going to hate. I love that about her

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Ophrah Winfrey is someone who is such an inspiring talk host and actress. She has a big heart (she donates 40 million dollars every year for charity) One of my favorite quote by her is:
~The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams -Ophrah Winfrey

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- Iman Akram