Love is Like Flowers
You plant the seed and you wait patiently for it to grow roots and start developing, you water it, take care of it,check on it everyday
Almost Immediately
It starts to mature and now you have something growing and you're proud of how far the plant has come from that tiny seed you planted
Without Delay
it starts to open up, and you can finally see it, the flower that you have been waiting for and it's right in front of you but you can't help but wonder when it will fully open up
In a Moment
it blooms and all your hard work has paid off and everything is perfect, and the flowers are gorgeous and you have this tingling sensation because it finally bloomed
In the Meantime
the flowers are in a vase sitting on top of your desk and they look nice but you start to notice that they don't seem as great as you thought, and you begin to second guess yourself
From Time to Time
You leave them in the shade for too long and you forget to change the water and soon you start to see them dry up
Sooner or Later
You watch as the flowers wilt slowly, then the flowers die completely. Finally you get tired of them, you put them in the trashcan without a second doubt
In Due Time
You start to see flowers everywhere and you begin to think about the ones you threw out, You go out to the store after a couple of months and as you're shopping you see some seeds, you buy them and begin the process again