♡ Billetera

fashion, nailpolish, and nails image Image by eve

♡ Tissues

docs, dr martens, and eyes image the fault in our stars, tfios, and john green image

♡ Auriculares

aesthetic, beige, and brown image beige, cd, and music image

♡ Telefono

Image by Joje apple, phone, and girly image

♡ Lip balm

yellow, lip balm, and aesthetic image korean beauty, korean makeup, and stylenanda image

♡ Chicles

vintage, beauty, and Elle Fanning image pink image

♡ Perfume

aesthetic, colours, and perfume image lotion and perfume image

♡ Lima de uñas

nails, essie, and christmas image

♡ Cargador portatil

chanel, iphone, and luxury image Image by Raluca

♡ Llaves

keys, nails, and red image megan fox and Jennifers Body image

♡ Lapicera

pink, flowers, and art image Michael Kors, coffee, and sunglasses image