"Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life."
— Bob Marley

Unfairness was never right.
Whenever a community felt it, they lead a revolution, because by uniting their powers they will overcome their common unjust ruler whose power was governing them.

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Usually, revolutions, coups, and wars ( like the French Revolution), are yearly celebrated and many memorials of them get built (like the memorial of the 1959 Hungarian revolution).
It’s worth it since human beings sacrificed themselves for the evolution of their civilization and its future generations, in consequence, they will live better with respected rights and free will.

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For that sake , they “sinned” : by using force, by killing, by executing... Tell me , aren’t those sins in favor of humanity? Aren’t you living in the present day free, happy ,in a situation way better than before because of them?

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So there is the fallen Angels. In case you’ve never heard of them: these angels -before humanity- have fought for their freedom from a ruler called “god” who shamelessly created them to become his forced-to-be happy slaves in heaven. They’ve been judged, condemned and banned from heaven by their “forgiving god” because of the revolution they started regarding their freedom. Yet worshippers who are living the same faith see them as wrongdoers and sinners...

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would you abandon your right in your temporary life , when your creator decides to enslave you? Would you stay silent when a child is being abused by his own mother? Or maybe would you torture your weak pet after when he tried to escape your house?

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The fallen angels are a myth, and to an atheist like me, they’re an imaginary fairytale. Theoretically, if that was ever true ( which is hardly possible), I definitely know whose side I’d be standing in. I do not accept worshipping an unfair, one-sided, preferential and unforgiving god even if he “created” the universe. Slavery is never okay and shall never be.

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