good evening readers,

today I'll write about cities I think everybody must visit someday (if he/she has the possibilities).

New York City

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this city is my dream and finally, I'm gonna visit it during the summer. You have no idea how much excited I am!!


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Visit Milan in the summer, it's a magical and beautiful city, especially in the summer. It has a lot of tiny streets full of cute little clothing stores and the ancient part is wonderful. In this city, whatever neighboorhood you're visiting, there's 100% an ancient church around the corner.


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visit the most popular museums travel around the city by subway and visit the most classic places such as Quartier Latin and Montmartre. Paris is, as wonderful and indescribable as they say, trust me, I've been there 3 times and every time I go back there it feels like it's the first time.


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I've never been here neither but I love architecture and everyone always tells me Barcelona is a gorgeous city I absolutely should go to.


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Forget about the Colosseum... that should be the last day visit of your journey around Rome. Go see all the beautiful fountains especially the Trevi fountain (but there's a lot of them), the Pantheon, walk in the most attractive streets of the city, go to Piazza di Spagna and eat a real Italian ice cream. Rome is literally amazing even if a bit too dirty and "lazy" ➩ if you're going somewhere far away from you or you don't want to walk take a cab and not the bus cause you could wait hours for it to arrive.


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Do I even need to say something about Venice?!
I think places Like these are the proof that God exists and he made Earth the most wonderful place for us to live in, share and appreciate.

That's it for today, I think I'm gonna write a part 2 for this article since there are a few more cities I'd like to share with you and rapidly talk about.