So, hello beautiful people!
In this article I will try to summarise the goals of my life, the things I want them to happen.
Let's start!

I WANT TO BE HAPPY, ALWAYS INSPIRED. I JUST WANT TO BE MYSELF. That doesn't mean not to be sad, but have the strength to get up.

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I WANT TO LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. Because I know how a person feels when he/she must leave home and relocate (it's orrible). Maybe I want to live I U.K. or in U.S.A. but I'm not sure.
AND I WANT TO CREATE A FAMILY with a man I love with all of my heart and have many children (also adopted).

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I WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER ( I also want want to become a model and start a youtube channel, but I know that I'll never do it hahah)

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DO WHAT I LOVE AND WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY. And obviously stay positive, radiate good vibes and be an inspiration. A beautiful person outwardly and inwardly.

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