As we all know, people are a big part of what influences our lives and moods.
Even if they shouldn't be, they are often the reason for us being unhappy.
And maybe we are the reason for someone else to be unhappy.
That's normal, we are human. We mess up.
But if a person constantly makes you unhappy, it's a strong indicator that this person might have been a good lesson but is not supposed to play an important part in your life.

This list isn't perfect and might not be applicable to all persons, but maybe it can be helpful:

1. If that person is constantly trying to change who you are.
Of course, it is important to help friends grow, improve and help each other developing your strengths. But if you feel like you can't be yourself around them and you have to change everything about yourself to be "good enough", then it's not a good foundation for any kind of relationship.

2. Are they helping you?
If they are not helping you, then don't waste your time. And with helping I mean: Making you feel better, making you a better person, doing things for you, supporting you. I think it is important to be helping people we care about.

3. If they don't put any effort into your relationship.
If they don't want to stay in your life, let them go. Because if they don't want to be in your life, sooner or later you will see that you don't want them to be in your life either.

4. Can you rely on them?
This important for friendships and relationships between couples. If you can't trust the other person to be there, to come through for you when you need them and keep letting you down, then they are a.)not helping you (see 2.) and b.) not good for you. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't care enough about you to get their shit together when you need them.

5. They make fun of your beliefs.
There is playful teasing and there is making fun of. If they are teasing you about certain things and you hate it, they will probably stop if you tell them you don't like it. But if they are making fun of your faith/religious beliefs and don't stop when you ask them to, move on. You don't want someone to be an important part of your life if they don't accept you for you and your beliefs.They should respect that.

6. They are mean.
Why would you want someone in your life who is mean to you? Of course, everybody is mean sometimes. But if they are ALWAYS mean, then they are just assholes and don't deserve you in their lives.

7. They don't respect you
If they don't respect you, respect yourself enough to walk away.

8. They make you feel worthless
Girls, you are worth more than that.
Boys, you are worth more than that.
Humans, you are worth more than that.

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I could probably add more numbers to that list, but I hope you get an idea.
But if you feel like there is something that should be on that list, feel free to message me if you want me to add it in an extra article or write one yourself.


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