~ Hi, beautiful people of WHI! Today's article is about something many of you probebly already knew, tried or read about - The Dream Boards. But there are also people, who didn't and that's why I wanted to make this article - for everyone of you, who doesn't know the benefits of the Dream Boards...And they are not only one or two!
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~ But first thing first, you have to know, that this article is collab with my best friend. She's gonna tell you the secrets of the Motivational Board, so make sure to check her article too! She is amazing and has great articles. Here is the link for her profil and her part of the collab:
~ So now, let me show you my own ways for creating the Dream Board, that will always be something, that will make you smile!

My Board:

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The Purpose
Why do you want something like that in your room? How it's going to serve you? What kind of feelings and inspiration you want to get from it?
These are the first and most important questions you have to ask yourself before you start, in order to know, what you going to do or choose in the procces later.

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For an example - for me, my Dream Board turnеd actually into a Feel Good - Board, because every time I look at it, I feel better. I think that has to be the main purpose of all Dream Boards and the types of pictures are not so important - they only have to have a special meaning for you.

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The different Dream Boards based on the purpose :

For all the Goals you want to achieve. - a Board, that will tell you everyday: "Here are the things you always wanted, so even if it's hard , don't stop! Keep on fighting for them! If you want them - get them!"

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For the things you like. - That can be anything: singers you like, artists, books, quoets, films, favorite characters, places, lyrics, inspiring people, every one little thing, that describes you. The clothes you like, colors, the hairstyle, favorite pictures from here or artworks. Why is that good for you? Because it's good to be reminded of all the things, that are a part of you, your personality, the things, that make you You! In that way maybe you will fall in love with yourself a little bit more everyday!

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For the things, that make you happy. - Again it's up to you what you're going to choose - pictures of coffee, chocolate, the morning sun or the night sky, the sea, tea and a book, cute puppies, the summer, Christmas lights, mountain view, that one crazy moment with your friends, the road, the pizza time, bassically everything, that will never disappoint you, that can always lift your mood, to remind you, that the life is actually beautiful!

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For the people, who made their dreams come true. - You can put pictures or quoets from every famous or non-famous person you admire, the person, who has always been your inspiration!

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For the people you love and who love you. - That's easy and really cute actually. I love having pictures of my family, friends and my boyfriend all over my room and there are so many ways to decorate with them. It's good reminder, that there are important people to you, who will always be by your side. That's a big motivation for me and often makes my day. So you can try that with your Dream Board and I promise you - You will definetelly smile more often with these pictures hanging around you. Especially with funny moments, captured on them!

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The Materials

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You have all the freedom in the world. There are no rules for the things you're going to use for your own Dream Board. So just be creative, use what you like.
But to give you some ideas, I'll tell about the things I used.

The stuff, that can come in handy :
❶ For the Images you want to put:

Printed pictures from internet or your own .

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Pieces from magazines .

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Postcards .

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Colorful sticky notes .
(to write quotes, goals, memories, reminders)

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Things you shapped, cut yourself . (little hearts, stars, flowers, letters, diamands..)

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Stickers, patches and badges .

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❷For the stationary you can use to place everuthing:

Pushpins, if you have corkboard . (But don't use them on your own photographs, because that can ruin them)

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Washi tape . ( Something I can't live without. It's a basic need for every creative person. Everything looks pretty with it!)

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Doublesided Tape . ( It's so convenient, guys. You should try it. Ir works for all surfaces and when it's in the back, it can't be seen)

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The Organisation

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Now it's the fun but also the most dificult part - How to put all these things on the board together, so everything can be seen?

First : Deside how you want them to be: - Horizontal , - Vertical , - in strict order , - in chaotic order ;
Second : Separate the Bigger , pictures from the Small . pictures! In that way every one will be seen;
Third : Choose the ones you love the most and make more space for them or put them in the front!;
Fourth : One Pushpin or washi tape ↭ for Two or more images!;
Fifth : Use also the Frames of the Board and you can cut the pictures in different shapes so they all can fit in the whole collage
Sixth : It will be good, if the Board stays somewhere near you or in a place, where you can often look at it - your desk, your bed, your mirror ;

More Ideas from my own Dream Board:

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> ⤞ On my Dream Board there is one big mix of everything:

I have pictures of traveling, because that's my ultimate goal; Pictures with quotes, that describe me, motivating quotes; images of girls and fashion items with my style;
I cut from one magazine the name of Lana Del Rey, because I Ilike her music; I wrote Halsey on one paper rose, I love her; I also have a qoute from the writer Rupi Kaur and one from the TV series Skam and Hakuna Matata from The Lion King `

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On the other hand, I used sticky notes to write my dreams and put them with a pushpin so I can read them often; I cut a paper sun and wrote on it: Be your own sunshine. ; I placed there one small paper heart I got from my friends and one that I wanted to give to my boyfriend once, too.;
I sticked postcards from countries I have been to with washi tape to the frames of the board, to remember these moments of my life and to not stop traveling.; For that goal I also cut rhombus - shapped piece of map.; I have a badge with rainbow smiley. ^^

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One extra DIY tipPull a rope or twine or something else from the nail the Board is hanging on, hang the strings on your wall and pin some pictures, photographs, whatever you like onto it with baby clothes pins! ( I put pictures with me and my boyfriend ♥ ) ; ( Note : Use duct tape or double-sided tape to hang the other side of the string)

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~ That's it , guys! Thank you so much for readinf my article! It appreciate it! I hope you liked it and it can be useful for you. I wish you great time making your own Boards, if you want to make one. But I assure you - You won't regret it, so go ahead, be creative, have fun, you will be happy with it later!
~ Feel free to send me messages or postcards or a feedback for the things I write.I'd love to make friends here and to know what you think!
~ Thanks again for making the time for me! Till the next article. Love ya, bye!

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~~~ Everyone of Us is a little Universe! ~~~