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3 Questions to Ask yourself before Creating a Motivation Board?

❧ Before doing your Motivation Board you have to ask yourself some questions:

①For what you need Motivation?

Think about for what you need Motivation. It may be for shcool or some sports. For work or just inspiration. Maybe you needs motivation to reach your goals or for something else. Everyone need motivation in their life.

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②Where will you put your Board?

Put your board on place you need it. In your room, on your desk, on your wall, in your wardrobe. Choose the place where you can see it many times and remember why you started.

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③What will you put on it?

Think about what you will put on it. It will be some motivation photos or the picture of your perfect body. Or maybe some schedule that will help you to see your progress. Think about it.

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❧ There are some types of Motivation Boards. If you love sport or you just want to get in shape - make motivation board for exercises. Or maybe you need motivation for shcool (which you can find in some of my articles) - then you will make Motivation Board for school motivation. I choose some of the most common things you can make Motivation Board about:

▶ Inspiration
▶ Others

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My ideas for each type:

❧ Here are my ideas for each type of Motivation Board. I chose some photos which are the most motivating in my opinion. Remember they are just examples and the most important part while making Motivation Board is to be creative and use your imagination. Take photos that motivate you, not me.

↪ Sports

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If you want to lose weight it will be okay to put tracker of your activity and lost pounds/killograms. Also you can make a exercise tracker with which you can see everyday your progress.

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You can also put your diet list on your board.

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Motivational photos are obligatory

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You can check my fitness collection for more motivating photos


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First of all, you need one small school planner so you can check on your exams and projects.

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For school you need just a lot of motivation so fill it with pictures. In my previous articles I have dozens of motivational photos, BUT I found more for you.

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You can also chek my other articles for more motivational photos and some tips

+ my collection for more photos and ideas

↪ Goals

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In this section I can't select photos because everyone have different goals in life. The main part is that you should make a list of your goals and dind pictures that you find as perfect. Thats all you need to be motivated to complete your goals.

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↪ Work

If you are new to work or you just started working but you are ready to quit, this will help you a lot. Try to find the benefits of your work and find the way to stay motivated about them.

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↪ Art

If you love Art this is the board for you. If you are stuck and can't do you next masterpiece or if this happens often make one Motivational Board and help yourself and your soul.Fill it with pretty painted things and drawings. Put your favourite artists. You can also add some of your paintings that you like.

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↪ Inspiration

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If you are like me (obssesed with writing and creating things) then this type is for you. Choose the pictures that inspire you and put them on your board. Think about it next time when you have mind block. I am 90% sure that if you make one Motivation Board to inspire yourself you will not have another.

  • Inspiration for writers
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If you have some free time you can check some of my writings

+ my collection

  • Inspiration for composers and singers ♫ ♪
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  • Inspiration for inventors and dreamers ✂ ∞
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Perfect for dreamers

↪ Others

You are an user of WHI. The biggest comunity that pulls together so many beautiful people from all places of the world with imagination and eyes for the little things. Use that Imagination and create your own idea. Create your own Motivation board. Motivate yourself and share your idea with us - the other users searching for motivation.

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You tell us all this stuff, but where is your Motivation Board?
–You, reading this article

Well that's my Motivation Board, and I like it very much!

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As you can see it's for school and it helps me a lot. I mean A LOT.

Bonus for those who stayed here until now❣

I know some of us don't have enough space in their rooms for board. Or maybe don't have enough money to afford it. If you have this problems, don't be sad, don't give up yet I have one more idea for you. You can make yourself a collection in which you can select your motivational photos and ideas. You can use a notebook for tracker or planner. And when you need motivation you can just come here and read the photos in your collection. It may be not that effective, but it will be definitely better than nothing.

Check them out
➳And so we reached the end of my article. I hope I helped you with understanding the power of Motivation Boards and gave you some ideas for doing your own.
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