First of all, thank you guys so much! I am still in disbelief as to how much attention the first two got. That being said, thanks again, and here's part three.

i remember the basement of the church
seeing you for the first time
i didn't know you would become my
best friend
in such a short amount of time
i never told anyone about my fear of underground
but there you were
in dc, riding up the escalator behind me
you saw the panic in my eyes
panic i tried to disguise.

things went on as they always did
i was still wearing that same old pair of jeans
the ones i finally got rid of last spring
and we didn't see each other
i didn't impress you too much
and then virginia happened
and i swear we were fireworks
the lights were blinding
in my shining eyes
your freckles stood out as we listened to each other cry
you told me about your dad
i told you about my mom
and you scrawled your number on a piece of paper
told me you would always be there forever

your axe
that we had to make a pit stop for
going to north carolina
and i don't remember much about that trip
other than you always being on my side
and sitting in grass under stadium lights
brought back virginia

you stood in that crowded hallway
holding flowers for someone else
i saw you far above anyone else
and i noticed you were wearing the same jacket as you wore in dc
and skinny jeans that look like straight
i wonder if they remind you of me any
i saw you and all the pulsing crowds
seemed to stand still
but my feet were on fire
there was no way i could ever go back
you waved
wasn't sure if it was for me
and then you smiled
like a flood it all came rushing back

you held me close
wearing a smile i hadn't seen for a long time
now it's nowhere near your birthday
even longer since i've seen you
and she had to tell me you were waiting for me
and if i could get in your jeep
bring those green eyes
with me
i think i would finally be happy

i think about doing all sorts of things with you
how i would have been without you
and i just swear
even in the darkest days
i can count on you, cause you care for me
i love you, heartbreaker