Sometimes I feel like giving up.But I just can’t . It isn’t in my blood

It is a simple word but it has a lot more to it than it seems. But it is the simplicity that means the most.

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I have a little story to tell to prove that it’s important to believe in yourself.

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For about 5 years foreign languages have become a crucial part of my existence.

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English is not my mother tongue. Therefore, about 5 years ago, I’ve decided that I wanted to be able to express myself in English. I had classes at school but it was no help. So, I started taking extra curriculum classes of English. About a year after, I understood that English means more to me than I have ever thought. But it wasn’t enough. I decided to pick up classes of Spanish. Who would have thought that it would change my life forever? In my hometown it was not common to study two foreign languages while studying at school. This factor helped me a little bit with motivation but the truth was I didn’t actually need the motivation. I adored studying languages so much that it has become essential part of me.

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By the time I graduated from school I have put a lot of efforts in my linguistic skills and was pretty happy about it. I could not
imagine my life without any of that, so I was determined to continue. I got in to institute of foreign languages as a part of state university of my hometown. My future profession should be a teacher of two foreign languages.

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Obviously, English is an obligatory part of my studies but to my amazement I could take a break from it. So, the first language at uni that I’ve chosen is French. I was so thrilled to start a new language. But suddenly I felt as it wasn’t enough again. My English was good already, I continued to study Spanish and I’ve started French. But my life didn’t feel complete. So, I decided to pick up classes of Italian. I was so busy everyday but I finally felt right.

By the end of last year I was ready to take a serious exam to test my Spanish skills. It wasn’t my first exam but it was the most important. It was an international exam for the level C1.
I was preparing so hard and when the results came I could not believe it. I failed.

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I thought that these words will haunt me for the rest of my life. All my friends and family could not believe it either. It changed me. My fail has made me see my life differently. I stopped taking classes of Spanish and Italian. I even thought to leave the uni. But I knew that I was different. I couldn’t give up. My mother convinced me to appeal the results. It took some time to adjust to the new life style. The one where I had a free time. I began to like it.

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But a few days ago, I received a letter which said that there was a mistake. I freaking passed the exam and got my C1 level. I started to doubt myself and I lost any interest. But why? Because of a stupid mistake! Which wasn’t even mine.
This rough me back to life and made me realize ho stupid i was to doubt myself!

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Dear Hearters, I’m begging you, please, do not give up. Ever. Even if there is something in the way. You can overcome it. Remember, we are unstoppable!

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P.S. Today Shawn Mendes released a new song called “In my blood”. It’s freaking amazing! The lyrics are unbelievable. Me and my bestie were on the way home from uni when we both heard the song for the first time. We were in the crowded bus with headphones in our ears and with the tears in our eyes.

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Top quote is a part of his amazing lyrics