Hey Beauties,
I was searching through Pinterest (follow me @XOXO) and saw a girl tip on How to make your room look cute. Gonna shout out to @elchocolategirl for making this. Follow her on Snap, Insta, and on Pinterest. Here it is....

- Have a set color scheme

color, scheme, and texture image color, pastel, and scheme image

- Fur throw pillows/ throw pillows

etsy, throw pillow cover, and christmas decoration image etsy, decorative pillow, and white christmas gift image

- Knitted throw blanket/ Pom Pom throw blanket

etsy image bedroom decor, black and white, and etsy image

- Sheer curtains

curtains and white image curtains, home, and interior image

- Fairy lights

light, room, and bedroom image girl, photo, and hair image

- Rug

moroccan rugs image

- Lounge chair

interior, home, and blue image home, decor, and pink image

- Full length mirror

room, bedroom, and white image

- Reading/ Chill corner

interior, white, and decor image corner, decoration, and room decor image

- Shelves on the wall

shelf, crescent, and interior image kitchen image

- Hang some pictures

photo, memories, and polaroid image girl, mirror, and moon image

- Add succulents

nature, super cute, and cute image cactus, plants, and green image

- Make a terrarium

plants, terrarium, and succulent image cactus and home image

- Get a cute bed frame

bedroom, bed, and home image decor, bed, and bedroom image

- Small bed side table

bed, home decor, and decor image side table, bed side table, and wooden side table image

- Organize your things so your room won't look junky

So this is the end of this article. You don't have to do everything on this list, these were just some tips. Please heart this and share with your peers.

Arlene Cardenas