Trust is earned. You show people your integrity. You show people that you can be yourself. And that you're not afraid of being yourself. Because how can you fully trust someone if you have no idea who they are? Do you know if they will catch you when you are at your breaking point? Let's hope so. Trust goes both ways.

I've given you every right to trust me and yet you don't. Why is that? I catch you when you fall. I do as I am asked. I have excellent grades unless I need to catch up on something. I always have respected you. So why can't you? What makes it so hard? Is it because I'm a teenager? Is it because you think I'm exactly like someone you know? Well then, you obviously do not know me.

I will catch you when you fall. I will stop whatever I am doing just to make sure you will be alright. And if you're not I will be there every step of the way.

Until I realize you don't want me there. Until I realize it's not both ways.