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Let's talk about happiness. It's the 19th day of the 30 days writing challenge (created by @themermaidwriter), so let's get started.

Day 19 - Write about happiness

To me, happiness means serenity. It's the perfect balance between everything. It's when you feel like you can find goodness in anything. When you can calmly find a solution to something, even if it takes a long time.

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Happiness can be found in anything. It depends on the person tbh. To me, it's in music, in certain people, in technology, books...but it can also be a certain road trip with someone, or none at all, with or without music, going fast under the shining sun, or moving slowly, watching the rain pouring on the windows. Looking at the sky at night and seeing a shooting star. Gazing at the clouds or the moon. Daydreaming. Expanding your horizons.

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Happiness is enjoying your favourite food, drink or song, a new experience, every bit of a TV show or a movie, or a moment with someone. Living in the present.
Happiness is letting go of negativity, toxicity and useless worries. It's taking time to recover. Finding yourself and living your truth.

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