I am in the moment and life is happening through me and not to me.

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Today was one of those days that are unsurvivable without a tall glass of orange juice and a head full of spring dreams.

I think I now know how it feels to be in perfect alignment with the universe. Today, while cutting up my fresh fruits I was in a wonderful state of joy. Suddenly I felt like I was floating and my feet were not touching the ground. I've noticed I could see details that I could not see before and as I was listening to my favorite song, I heard background instruments I'd never heard before.

Today I just chose to be filled with pure joy. No more scripting, faking it or working to visualize my dreams, no more trying to do action to convince anyone that I am ready. I decided that no matter what I would always find the silver lining in every step of the journey, and choose to make MYSELF happy.

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The only location must be here and the only time must be right now. I exist here and now and I always will. Why not follow my joy and excitement and live in a state of bliss right here right now?

I know that all my desires have been answered, and the only way that they are going to manifest for me is if I am happy and confident in myself. Nothing can ever come between me and my inner being. There is no room for fear within us. There is nothing more natural to love myself first. I guess that’s how the world works though.

I am in competition for NO resources what so ever. I am as worthy as it gets. There is not one who is more deserving of wellbeing than me. Instead of missing people I will make friends with strangers. Instead of comparing myself to others I will focus my energy on self improvemet. Instead of dwelling in the past I will create new memories. I am ready to drown out the bad with the good. I will focus upon the joy and the happiness until there is no longer any room for hesitation, jealousy or resentment.

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The universe has imagined it even better than I have. It's got all of its information about what I like straight from me and it has remembered every piece of it and has put it together in perfect formation. And so, the things that are on their way to me are so much better than I can even imagine. And as I allow them, the essence all of these things will make their way to me and appear in perfect timing.

The universe is lining it up just right, and the timing will be just exactly right. And meanwhile there isn't anything else for me to do. What I need to do is relax and accept that I've done my work. The Universe is doing its work; it is answering. My work is to get into this place where I joyfully receive it.

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Sometimes I just laugh at myself for making it all so complicated when really it is SO SIMPLE. It's almost scary how simple it is, because if we really really used our deepest knowledge, we'd be incredible powerful creators.

🕊 Every single one of you can choose to be happy for no reason.
Let those questions sort of roll around in your mind a little bit:

  • How would life be different if I really knew that I am worthy?
  • How would life be different if I really knew that everything is supposed to go my way?

You don't need no reason other than LIFE to be "high" or happy.

- Take care, Paulina.