Imagine it's summer and you spend your holidays in Turkey with your family in a small city near the beach. Right now you were in the supermarket to buy some food, and now you are on your way back to your house. You feel the heat of the sun on your skin and you can smell the salt of the sea.

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I couldn't find a picture that represents this moment right, but that's okay. Our imagination creates the best pictures.

That's a memory of my vacation in Turkey and the moment seems so perfect, even if it's nothing special. I don't know why, but every time I think about it, I'm just happy.
And every time I think about going to another warm country I imagine going to the supermarket, buying fresh fruits and then walk to my house there, because I just want to live this moment again.
On this day, I had nothing special to do. There were no tasks that were waiting for me. I didn't had to think about anything. Just about this moment.
I'm sure there are a lot perfect moments, but we just don't notice them.

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