Smart machines have learned to bluff, beat professionals in chess or Go, translate and recognize the human voice. Every week, we learn about all the new exploits of computer programs that already know how to put medical diagnoses, draw as well as Rembrandt, sing or generate text. Is it worth man to be afraid of artificial intelligence?

A truly hot theme of artificial intelligence (AI AI) has become in the past few years. Scientists associate this with the rapid development of neural networks (one of the areas of research in the field of artificial intelligence), which, in turn, became possible with the advent of powerful computers.

Hawking artificial intelligence - a threat to humanity
Does artificial intelligence threaten people?
Since the beginning of 2010, under the influence of impressive successes resulting from the use of multi-layer neural networks (primarily convolution and recurrent), this area has attracted serious attention both from scientists and engineers, and from investors, the author comments. One of the Russian chess programs, a specialist in machine learning methods, Sergei Markov.

The academic community can argue about the timing of the emergence of intelligent machines, but it converges in one thing the development of technology will have an unconditional impact on society, the economy and the relationship between people in the future.

Already now there are calls to consider the ethical principles of developing artificial intelligence, making sure that artificial intelligence develops in a direction that is safe for people.

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Economic effect and impact on the labor market

Science fiction and Hollywood formed the notion of artificial intelligence as the next form of life on the planet that would enslave humanity in the Matrix or organize a nuclear Judgment Day for him. The survivors will kill the Terminator.

In fact, despite recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence, before the emergence of intelligent machine-beings is still far away, scientists and specialists admit. Both those, and others, however, advise on some aspects to pay attention already now.

According to the research organization McKinsey Global Institute, in the next ten years, new technologies will radically change the labor market on the planet, which will save about $ 50 trillion.

Changes will affect hundreds of millions of jobs. People will shift more and more of their tasks and many routine tasks to a machine, which will allow them to concentrate on creative work.

From a certain point of view, humanity as a whole has an important and interesting task - to develop each individual much faster than mankind develops artificial intelligence systems, says Grigory Bakunov, expert, director of technology distribution at Yandex.

But with less automation, less skilled personnel will inevitably suffer, and now it is necessary to think how to protect them, retrain them and prepare them for a new life.

To experience, as practice shows, not only blue collar workers, but also mental workers can. A few days ago, Goldman Sachs replaced a team of 600 traders for two people and automated programs of algorithmic trading, for the service of which were hired 200 software developers.
Artificial intelligence in itself is not identical to the automation of processes, but the development of AI will lead to the fact that more and more tasks will be able to the computer program.

Among the options for solving the problem of human displacement by the machine on the labor market, Allison Dutman, the program coordinator for the Foresight Institute, a non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley to promote new technologies, introduces the concept of a universal basic income that every resident would receive regardless of level of income and employment. Such income would be financed at the expense of the so-called innovation tax Land Value Tax, the introduction of which is now actively discussed in Silicon Valley.

Is it artificial intelligence

Is the robotic system a person Can a smart computer vote What sex is he Relations between a person and a smart car are already being discussed by the deputies of the European Parliament, wondering whether the future robot should be given the status of electronic personality.

As Dutman points out, people reluctantly share their rights with those who do not understand them, and therefore will resist humanizing AI.
"Considering how long humanity has gone on to equip all people with equal rights, irrespective of the color of their skin, race or gender, it can now be assumed that they do not even consider machines equal.

Together with ethical there are legal subtleties: who will take responsibility in the event of an accident of an unmanned vehicle or breakdown of an intelligent medical device - and moral questions: is it worth developing an unmanned weapon capable of acting without the knowledge of a person?

The third ethical puzzle is discussed more often than others and worries humanity much more: what can theoretically do with super intelligence, a real smart machine?

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