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Hi there, girlbosses! This is secretlyagranger and I'm back with another studyblr article! I hope you've all been amazing these few days!
The topic of my latest article is - 'studying techniques to study much more efficiently.' I will be writing about techniques that have worked out for other people aswell as for me, including some original ones.

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I hope that this article improves your studying methods! Stay beautiful!
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Time Management Techniques -

For efficient studying, managing time is highly important so following are some time management tips -

  • The Pomodoro Method. This is a much renowed method, in which you use an online timer or an app to study by this technique. In this method, you have pomodoros (time periods of 25 minutes after which you have 3-5 minute breaks) and after five pomodoros, you have a much longer break of 15 to 30 minutes, and then you reset the timer.

You can use the online pomodoro timer here -
This online timer is great!

Or you can download the pomodoro app -
There are a lot of Pomodoro Technique Apps, but this one is probably the best.

  • My technique. After you come home from school or work, take an hour or half an hour for any desired activity (but only use your phone if you don't get sucked in by it.) Then start your studying by doing the shorter, 1-10 minute tasks first. Be quick but efficient on them. Then, work on the longer tasks, which take more time and are much harder. Take 3-5 breaks between these longer tasks, and even a much longer break of 10 minutes after a particularly hard task if you want. This will shorten your studying period, but you will study with the same efficiency.
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Planning Techniques -

Planning is key, so below are some tried techniques -

  • Study planner. This tip is optional, but it works greatly. If you have a lot of workload, keep a separate planner or journal specifically for your school life. Each day, mark the date, day and work to be done. For example, if you have to read two paragraphs for literature, write a heading of the word 'Literature', and write the task, in the case of our example, write 'Paragraphs to read :' and then write '1' (marking the first paragraph) and '2' (marking the second paragraph.) After you complete reading the 1st paragraph, cross or tick it off, and do the same after reading the 2nd paragraph. After both are read, cross or tick off 'Paragraphs to read' and 'Literature' aswell, as that task is completed. Do the same for other subjects. You can keep up with your studying this way.
  • App study planner. Studying with the help of an app has never worked for me, but they are helpful in exam periods. Basically, they are like study planners but with more features. The main difference is that a study planner is yours and you can design it however you want, but a study planning app is to be used how it is made. The best study planning apps are -

'My Study Life' download it here -

'Todait' download it here -

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Productivity Techniques -

These tips can be used for any other tasks aswell, but I use them for my study life.

  • One minute productivity hack. The rule of this technique is simple. If there is a work to be done which will only take about 1 minute or so, then do it right there and then. I've started using this technique more in my life, as I am a huge procrastinator and leave off short tasks to be done later more than I should, and I must say that this technique is absolutely wonderful. For example, if you have to dust off a small table, then do not put it off, instead do it that instant. This will make completing tasks much more easy.
  • Forest. Forest is an amazing app. In this app, you plant a tree for an optional amount of time, from 5 minutes to 2 hours, during which you work on a specific task as the tree grows. The trick is, you can't leave the app or go into another app, as the tree dies and is planted as an ugly thing in your garden. You can add apps or sites to a 'Blacklist' which means if you visit these sites/apps while growing a tree, the plant dies, and you can also add apps and sites to a 'Whitelist' meaning the apps/sites added to the whitelist can be visited. The more productive you are and the less you use your phone, the more your garden grows, and you can also use some very nice features just by being productive and not procrastinating. This app is utterly fantastic.

Use it for online here -
(You can't grow a garden, buy plants and use other features if you use forest on the web. You will need to sync in with your phone to use these features.)

You can download the app here -
(Also, I love this app even though I use the web forest. I love them both.)

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Studying techniques -

Below are some great study techniques, which I guarantee will help you amazingly!

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Notetaking Techniques -

  • Two different notebooks method. This method is great, although I do not use it. For this to work, you'll need two notebooks. in class, write rough notes of the lecture. They don't need to be pretty - just focus on writing everything down in the most readable and efficient way, and even write extra information and other facts your teacher tells you. This notebook shall be your 'School Notebook.' Once home, rewrite the information from the school notebook much more neatly and prettily. In this notebook you may use headers, banners, lines, shapes, doodles, anything you like! You may also shorten the rushed information into much more efficient statements. This will be your 'Home Notebook.' And then, during tests or exam session, you will read the neat notes from your home notebook. This will help in writing and learning notes greatly!
  • A4 sheet method. This is a nice technique aswell! To write your notes using this method, take an A4 sheet and draw a vertical line on its left side, with its vertical measure being of the whole paper and its horizontal measure being enough to write in. Then, write your topic and subject as heading. Next, write all the info your teacher tells you outside the line in paragraphs. Now, inside the line you will write shortened headings, passages or definitions of the longer material which is available outside the border. Do this for each paragraph, until you have distinguished the huge mass of information into short, neat passages. This technique is great for learning your topic!
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Reading techniques -

I've written some reading efficiency techniques that will improve your reading condition -

  • Highlighting tip. At times, highlighting may seem so hard. There are two ways to do it.

If only parts of the paragraph are important, and not the whole passage, then highlight these topics -
Definitions, formulas, examples, creators, discoverers, shortened main ideas, the 'to simplify' lines.

If the whole paragraph is important, then use this method -
Instead of highlighting the big paragraph, make sentences by your highlighting. Leave out unnecessary words and join important words by your highlighter. You may also use brackets or some other symbols.

  • Writing short notes tip. This is a great technique which I use literally all the time. In front of a huge passage, write down a word, a sentence or a statement which sums up the topic and the idea of the whole paragraph. Then, when reading, revising or learning, you will only need to read that specific word or note, to know which paragraph you have to learn and won't need to skim through all the paragraphs to find the specific one.
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Better studying techniques -

Finally, I've noted some methods which will improve your learning and writing skills.

  • Use different notebooks. Have separate notebooks for each subject, and make sure you write summaries, important statements, sentences, formulas and definitions of each topic you stdy. When it's time for a test, you need only open the page of the specific topic to find all the important info there and then learn it to perform well.
  • Lazy day. Having a lazy day once a week is really important, and since I've started following this mthod my study life has improved dramatically. Have a day once a week, preferably Friday or Sunday, on which you do 'nothing.' Lay back and pamper yourself that day by reading a book, having a bath, manicure, pedicure or skin treatment, watching a favourite tv show, taking a nap, treating yourself to a tasty meal or doing something you love, and maybe even planning the next day. And then, start hustling the next day.
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Following are some great study apps -

  • Khan Academy. You can study anything through Khan Academy!

  • Duolingo. You can learn any language through Duolingo.

  • Todoist. You can make great to-do lists through Todoist!

  • Quizlet. You can make and learn effective flashcards through Quizlet.

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I hope that the techniques I have written work well! If you have any questions or just want to talk, do send a postcard! Stay ethereal!

Love you people.

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