you know i would do anything for you,
but you don't want me to, you don't want me, you don't want me to be perfect.
you just want me to be true.
you just want me, myself, my soul and my mind, my dreams and my pain.
i always tried to be enough, wanted to get better just for you.
how would i know that all you want is the thing that i don't have?
cause i don't have myself.
i've lost my mind, trying to find
the meaning of this life.
locked away my soul,
to protect it from this world.
i always thought having you would make me whole.
whole, whole, oh no.
no, no, no, you can't have me,
i run away when it gets too real
seems almost like i'm scared to feel.

alternative, art, and blue image

when you tell me "we've got to talk",
i'd rather say goodbye forever
than to clean up this mess i've made.
when it comes to unravel all the tangled strings,
i'd rather burn it all and leave.
when it starts to get complicated
i think it's easier to just lock away myself
and feel nothing instead of regret.

love and heart image

sorry i was young,
i was lured by my imagination, fueled with temptation
to jump the gun and be so dumb
to fall into
the temptation trap.
once you go in, you never go back.

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sometimes life is unfair and nobody knows why,
but i won't cry,
i'm just gonna sit back and watch the credits roll by.
it wasn't supposed to work,
at least i can say that i've tried.
but this time i'll stop before my sorrow consumes me,
the more you fight back, the more you bog down.
just let it be and forget.

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[i just found some pages in my notebook where i have scribbled down everything that came to my mind last saturday night. i can't really recall what i did that night, i just know i must have sipped an unhealthy amount of juicy red wine which apparently boosted my creativity. and also my confidence, because normaly i would feel weird trying to write a song and every time i tried it, i almost died because it was so cringe-worthy to reread it.
the interesting part of what i've written isn't the quality of the rhymes or rhythm (cause there are none or hardly any) but i think the words came straight from my heart and weren't filtered and adjusted by the mind as usually.
and it was actually meant to be a song, because i know i sang some lines that sounded nice (because of the amount of syllables and stuff) with the melody of a song that was stuck in my head. well, i hope it was interesting to take a look inside the mind of someone you'll never know. have a nice day.]