He was in love with her. The day he lost her, he was never the same.

People say "never do or take drugs" but they never warn you about the most hardest and dangerous drug of them all...LOVE. It is like an addiction that not just anyone or anything can help it. When you're in love oh hunny it can be the most beautiful thing in the world until you become sober.

He couldn't bare the pain of losing her. He started numbing the pain by drink and partying every night. He quit smoking for her but when she left he said what was the point. He started smoking once again. All he had left of her was the memories.
He would see her during school but alway avoided her. His grades started to slip up he would skip on football practice. He wasn't himself. He started cutting himself and said that he was worthless....He just couldn't take the pain of his broken heart. He felt his heart break it was a pain he would never forget. She was his weakness everything was always for her. All he wanted was to take care of her and to make her happy; but that wasn't enough.
They had their up and downs but I mean what couple doesn't he wished he could take back all they fights they had and replace them with new memories. She didn't seem to want him back...The love he had for her was so unreal it was almost like a fairy tale. He saw her and said I want her she was an outstanding person...But all the flaws he had all the pain he put her through...she tried and tired to help get through his problems said she would never leave him...Until one day she couldnt take it no longer. She was only hurting herself. She loved him oh god how she loved him. They both knew in the long run it was best for both of them. She does want him back and she cant look at him when she walks down those empty halls filled with tons of people.
His heart became a little bit colder that day. Those drinks can only numb the pain for so long.
Love is drug its an addiction once you fall in love sometimes there is no way out...

(Signed: another broken-heart (A.B.H))