i´m kelly, i´m from the netherlands.
i´m 16 years old.
sooooo i wanted to talk abour piercings.......
since i have 2 piercing and 6 besic piercing i guess.
but i´m thinking about getting a rook piercing.
and there are tricks i didn´t know when i got my piercings done.
sooooo let´s get started.

so i have a industrial piercing for almost 3 years.
i got it when i was 13 years old
let get straight in to it...
a industrial piercing is pretty painful.
(its different for everyone)
it takes 1 year to heal.
but lets be honest it so worth it.
they look so pretty and cool.
i like my industrial piercing alot.
and is you want one then just do it.

backround, hear, and moon image

i also have a helix piercing for 3 years.
i got it when i was 13 years old
i like the fact its a easy, classic, and basic piercing.
it takes 4/5 monthes to heal.
its not that painful to be honest.
you can put so many jewelry in it.
and it will always look cute!!!

helix and piercing image

i also got my 1st, 2e and 3e earlobe pierced.
my first one that i got was when i was 3 monthes old.
and my 2e and 3e, i got at the same time when i was 14 years old.
i like it and i just have basic hoops in them.

piercing image

******************tips & tricks******************
1. a travelling pillow: so you can sleep on your freshly pierced piercing
2. seasalt: to clean your piercings *put seasalt in hot water mix until you cant see it anymore. let it cool and your done. you can use cotton swab. they say it makes it heal better. (not sure if its true because i found it out to late)*
3. clean it 2/3 times a day: when your piercing is new its best to clean it 2/3 times a day.
4. keep your hair up!!: keep your hair in a ponytail or a braid so its not touching your piercing.
5. dont touch it: dont touch it with dirty hands!!! only touch it with clean hands.
6. dont play with it: just leave it alone when your not cleaning it.

sooo i´m thinking about getting my rook piercing done.
i think it looks cute.
what do you guys think?
i´ll update it when i get it done!!

diamonds, gold, and Piercings image

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let me know!!!!

i hope this artical will help some people and that you liked it!!
i love you guyss xxxxx
(not my pictures)