Here are some benefits i noticed personally from drinking 1500 ml/day.

Personally i recommend consuming clean filtered water to prevent consuming other toxins and bacteria from the water. For convenience, i recommend a Brita bottle with the water filters in the straw. It is reusable to help prevent plastic waste!

1. More Energy!
Considering your body is made up of mostly water, drinking it and replenishing the water supply helps you think & focus, brings up energy levels and helps you become more aware of your surroundings.

2. Flush Toxins!
By sweating and urinating, you are eliminating the water going through you body, grabbing toxins that can cause infections and removing them from your body. In order to keep the cycle going, you need to continue consuming water.

3. Clearer Skin!
Now everyone knows this but here is the science behind it. As well as flushing toxins, it helps remove dirt and bacteria from your system. It keeps the skin moisturized, soft and adds a natural glow. Also helps promote elasticity to prevent wrinkles in the future. (continue your daily skincare routine as well. Check out my Daily Skincare Routine: Combination Skin)

4. Promotes Weight Loss!
Drinking water helps remove fat by-products, is a natural appetite suppressant, raises metabolism and its calorie-free!

5. Boost Immunity to Illness!
Drinking lots of water helps fight flu, cold, cancer and other things like heart attacks and strokes.

6. Better Mood!
When your body is functioning properly and happy, you`re happy!
Happy Body = Happy Mood!

7. Natural Headache and Cramp Reliever!
Dehydration is the biggest known trigger for headaches, so consuming water helps prevent dehydration. It also helps keep joints and muscles lubricated to lessen the risk of pain.

8. Save Money!
Water is completely FREE! Even if you choose to use a RE-USABLE (helps reduce plastic waste and save the ocean creatures!!) filtered (prevents putting toxins and bacteria back into your body), it is still much cheaper than unhealthy sugary drinks.

some scientific facts were looked up on google