So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48.

Today I should answer
What the hardest thing is, I have ever experienced?
For that I will tell you a story :

I had a best Friend (We will call him N) we were Friends since I can remember. We live in the same village so each day we could, in Kindergarden or elementary school, we played together. We had always fun ,we always tinkered some stuff together that actually nobody needs but it made us happy.

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I kinda was "falling for him". All now that I'm older I know that it wasn't love in that way it was more like you love a brother.
He was my best Friend he cared about me and protected me
The best memories of my live are the ones he is in

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Anyways, as elementary school ends we were separated to different schools.And I was alone. I never felt so alone. I was/ am really shy, so to go to a new school with a bunch of strangers was absolutely scary.
An old Friend from kindergarten came into my class and she was the only one who protected me, because I was to shy to do so my own.
N was on the other school, that was right next to mine. He wasn't fare away but it felt like he whole world was between us.

Live goes on and we both got new friends , he was always the confident one, so it was easy for him to get along with others than it was for me.

My Friend from Kindergarden , we will call her "Kate" .
Kate and N didn't get along. They hated each other, I tried to get ton know why but the awnser of both of them was " he/she is an asshole".
Makes sense doesn't it.

I would always choose N over anyone.
But in this situation I couldn't.
I'm little and the boys makes fun of me, it never really bothers me because Kate was there and along as I had one good Friend there who was there with me I would let it go and move on.
But of Cours N and Kate needed to get to war.
I said to N : I do't want to have any part in this"
So I said to Kate

But as the fighte each other both of them got me into their fight and wanted me to choose.
I of cours coulden't
I was alone in school and had no one if I go against Kate she would be gone. The only friend I had there.
If I go against N I wold lose him

I sind't choose and both of them hated me. I could fix everything wit Kate, even I lied to her to get her back.
But N ..... He didn't even wanted to talk tom me not even look ant me

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Now around 6 years later
I and Kate are Friends and at the same time strangers
Its strange and complicated

I and N. We are in the same class in my new school and have every single subject together. We still don't talk rally and it breaks my heart.
But what can I do ?
Talk to him.
Ask him.
Well, I did so I asked him why he isn't talking to me when I and him were completely drunk ;)
Awnser : " I have the feeling that every time I am nice you. You will fall for me again"
Isn' he sweet NOT

At least we talked. I tried to explain to him, but he din't listens. I guess we will never be Best friends again but I will always hope.

So I hope you liked the story. Thanks for reading and sorry for all the drama mistakes .

Here is a Collection with quotes that I think fit for the situation/relationship between me and N

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