So, the day has come to day three of the writing challenge, and today I'm going to write about 10 songs that I'm loving at the moment. Let's just get to it!

1. Sick Boy - The Chainsmokers

Lyrics, prison, and quotes image the chainsmokers, alex pall, and drew taggart image

2. IDGAF - Dua Lipa

Mature image dua lipa image

3. War Of Hearts - Ruelle

music, shadowhunters, and ruelle image ruelle and music image

4. Alien - Sabrina Carpenter, Jonas Blue

alien, sabrina carpenter, and jonas blue image actress, carpenters, and girl meets world image

5. Him & I - G-Easy, Halsey

couple, him and i, and cute image halsey and him and i image

6. Remind Me - Marcus & Martinus

boys, musica, and marcus y martinus image boy image

7. Naked - James Arthur

facebook, naked, and new single image Lyrics, peach, and pink image

8. Storm - Ruelle

heart, lost, and Lyrics image music, artista, and ruelle image

9. I Won't Let You Down - HRVY

hrvy image artist, boy, and singer image

10. Mine - Bazzi

aesthetic, boyfriend, and crush image bazzi, cosmic, and andrew bazzi image

That was all for this article, I hope you liked it<33