Hello Dear Hearters !!!!

I wanted to make this challenge that I found.

How would you answer these question ?

What does your ideal day look like ?

love, couple, and flowers image summer, beach, and girl image Temporarily removed nature, praia, and sun image

What did you want to be when you were younger ?

ballet, dance, and art image adorable, babies, and baby image Temporarily removed balerina, ballerina, and budapest image
I even tried to enter a dance academy but they did not accept me.I guess it was not good enough. But I love to dance !!!!!

What are you must proud of ?

Image by 아고 iphone, phone, and notebook image focus, quotes, and motivation image college, fashion, and friendship image
I am very proud to pass the tests and be able to enter the university and make new friends.

What cualities do you admire in others ?

Temporarily removed responsibility image sunshine, quotes, and grey image quotes, help, and people image
I admire people who do not need a reason to help someone, they just do it.

What is your favorite movie/song/book ?

book and pride and prejudice image Image removed Legolas, orlando bloom, and the hobbit image kings, maroon 5, and sunday morning image
I do not really have a favorite movie, but there was a time that I loved The Lord of the Rings.(and I keep doing it).

If you could make one change in the world, what would it be ?

world, quotes, and black and white image war, scared, and stop image art, no war, and roses image war, just say no, and what is it good for image

How do you like to relax ?

Temporarily removed bath, flowers, and girl power image amazing, breathtaking, and lovely image Image by Sara ♡

What habit would you most like to break ?

Image by Anastasiia♡ Image removed nails image
I would like to not be so dependent on social networks.

What dod you wish you did more of ?

Image removed notes, college, and inspiration image Image by claudia Temporarily removed

How do you want to be remembered in life ?

Abusive image friends, friendship, and best friends image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beautiful, and besties image
I would like to be remembered as a good mother, friend and as a person who always fought for what I wanted.

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