Her silence spoke louder than words ever could
She was different, different in a good way
She had always been that way
Had friends but was a loner
Had the latest phone but never texted anyone
She didn't try to fit in with the crowd
Didn't try to talk to the popular people
She wasn't a sheep like that
She was herself

I am her

I learnt long ago that perfection didn't exist
That beauty wasn't defined by a single characteristic
I love myself
I am content with the small things in life
Once I came to this realisation everything changed
My plain brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight
My mouth full of braces was always turned upward in a smile
My cheeks burned with happiness
My hair blew wildly in the wind
I realised I was me
And I was me for a reason
I had a purpose on Earth
To share my happiness
Fulfil my dreams whatever they were
Be a daughter

And also remember that God has gave me this life
And within a moment it can be taken from me
So be humble always and thank God for giving us this chance to prove ourselves
This life is a test
So let's prove ourselves