aesthetic, blue, and sign image hands, blood, and pale image water, hand, and grunge image hair, scissors, and cut image
1. SHARP OBJECTS - gillian flynn
girl, travel, and train image train, city, and photography image b&w and tunnel image beautiful, inspiration, and life image
2. THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN - paula hawkins
blood, hurt, and aesthetic image photography, friends, and indie image aesthetic, boys, and cigarette image car park, marquee, and vintage image
3. TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN - john green
Inspiring Image on We Heart It boy, grunge, and mirror image travel and car image love, couple, and hands image
4.ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES - jennifer niven
Inspiring Image on We Heart It brew, cafe, and coffee image Image removed aesthetic, blue, and sign image
5. BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP - sj watson
girl, door, and vintage image house image city, town, and usa image black, crush, and dark image
6.DARK PLACES - gillian flynn