I'm going to tell you a story about a girl...

When the girl went to the fourth grade, she was happy. She was full of life and nobody could tell her what attracted her and what did not. She wore pink pants and a green shirt and loved it. Nobody said anything and she didn't care when they did.

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She was one year older and now 9 years old. She was already in the fifth grade. She saw a girl on TV with an undercut. The little girl loved it so much that she persuaded her mother to have her hair cut. The girl proudly went back to school. She didn't care that they all looked stupid at her. When she was at home, however, she wondered whether it had been a good idea. But soon she became the happy girl everyone knew.

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In sixth grade, the girl dyed her hair red. She was inspired by her favourite singer P!nk. When she went to school and ran up the stairs to the second floor, everyone stood at the top of the stairs in a half circle staring at her. She quickly pulled up her hood and hid her hair in vain. That was the first time that girl didn't do what she wanted. The girl wasn't happy and colorful anymore. At school she was silent and at home she cried. It broke her that no one talked to her and they all laughed at her.

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Four years passed. She became more self-confident. In the past she didn't care what the others thought, but four years later she lets herself be pulled down again and again by the opinion of others. The girl now has a boyfriend and a best friend. But despite the two wonderful people, she counts the weeks until she no longer has to go to school.

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Do you know who this girl is? As you probably already suspected, this girl is me. And it's still 10 weeks till I'm finally out of school. I am now 15 years old and I am still working not to listen to other people's opinions. But you know what I learned from all this? Don't trust blindly. I'm a person who can't be alone. I just need someone with me or I don't feel well. I have trusted so often and have been disappointed so often and that only because the past keeps catching up with me.

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There's one girl in my class who's been bullying me since the fourth grade. I just can't lock up because she's always in the way. I am so extremely happy that I will soon be able to finish all this. I wish you all the best and don't let it get you down! Because it's no good for you! If I've learned something, it's that there are too many people condemning you to take care of it.

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