A list of cool things I've done, and has had an impact on my life:

Ran from the police

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This was when I was 15 at a beach party, obviously I was underaged and so were my friends so we ran through some potato fields and got away. Now I dont recommend doing this but I didn't want them to call my parents.

Gone on a roadtrip from Norway to Poland.

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My boyfriend is from Poland and the last few summers we have travelled by car/boat to Poland to visit his family and for vacation. 2015/16/17.

Gone partying in Denmark for spring break.

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A group of friends travelled in three (full) cars to Denmark for a weekend during spring break to party and shop, one night we were out until 6 am haha (one of the best nights out ever).

Travelled to another continent on my own.

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Now this is one of the scariest things I have ever done. It was not my first time on a plane alone but I had an 11 hour flight from Amsterdam to South Africa and it was really scary. But now I can look back at it and say 'I did that!' (And it was so worth it + I got to know a random business man from New York who sat next to me, something I wouldn't had if I travelled with someone else).

Worked as a volunteer for African wildlife in South Africa.

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Now this is one off the most rewarding things I have done in my life. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and I would advise anyone who is considering travelling to visit South Africa and work as an volunteer at Glen Africa country lodge. There is such an amazing atmosphere and all the people there are great (cause they are working for the same cause). I have gotten impressions and experiences for a lifetime, and hopefully one day I will get to go back. (This is expensive and I travelled alone in November 2017 after i had graduated).

Walked with elephants.

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This swell as the next headline is one of the things we did while volunteering to keep the animals stimulated and happy. It is such an amazing feeling to walk alongside these gentle giants and observe them. (This is more rewarding then cleaning their enclosures which we did everyday, they had enclosures where they slept during the night, but during the day 'the elefant guys' let them roam around the entire land wherever they wanted)

Walked with lion cubs.

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Now I am very much against keeping animals in enclosures ect. But Africa is so developed that you can't just realise a lion in Cape Town and let them roam free because that is how nature is supposed to be. But having nice big open enclosures where they can live as 'wild' as possible is something I am very much for (kruger park). Now the cubs we got to work with were about a year old, starting to push the limit to teenagers. So the amount of human contact will start to slow down as they get older. These cubs were very much inbreed and you could tell that. The older lions that were there we had very little contact with as volunteers other than cleaning their enclosures (which took hours considering how big the enclosures were, the lions were in cages while this happened) and feeding time. (meat on a string that they had to chase to exercise them, or throwing over bigger peaces of meat to them). And another sidenote, we had to sign a contract basically saying that we are awere that we are in the middle of nowhere and that these are wild animals that can kill us if they want to. So walking with the lion cubs, we were fully awere that they could snap and kill us, but oh well. I trusted the leaders and their knowledge on how to behave with the lions that my fear was overlapped by the mind-blowing aspect of walking with lions.

Zip lining.

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Something I never expected to do, or have so much fun whilst doing it. I have an extreme fear of heights and for some reason when I signed up to go zip-lining I didn't think about the height. Either way I phased my fears and enden up having a great time.

Got a tattoo.

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I got a little elephant tattoo on my ribs with my boyfriend whilst we were in Spain, I was 17 years old and was not old enough to get a tattoo in Norway, oh well :) #NoRegrats

Went on vacation with my boyfriend to Spain.

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Our first 'basic' vacation together, it was lovely. (Do not recommend a young couple to stay at a family hotell).

Got my drivers license.

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A little after I turned 18, which is the age limit to get your drivers license in Norway. My car is a VW beetle 1969 <3

Moved out together with my boyfriend.

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It has been challenging and the moving part was really hard on me because I saw it as a new chapter in my life. It was very emotional. Expect your relationship to go to another level.


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In Norway we have a tradition where graduation is basically drinking for 2 months straight before you have your final exams. You go together with your friends and buy either a party buss or a party van and you throw eggs on people. It is called russetiden, and it is really fun. Search 'RT minnevideo' on youtube to see some wild partying.

Fulfilled my fangirl dream and went on a one direction concert.

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I went with my mom to Oslo and it was amazing. I was the biggest fangirl who spent all of my time in 2012 and 2013 on twitter asking Louis to follow me.

Went to Thailand with my family.

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Seeing the local life and their culture definitely gave me some new impressions that I brought with me later in life. (2011 & 2014)

Horseback riding by the ocean and in the woods.

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We have horses at home and it is so relaxing and exiting to go for a ride on nice summer days down by the shore then to the woods, ahh love.

Staying out long summer nights with friends.

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Some of my greatest and worst memories are when I stopped spending my nights stalking one direction and discovers boys and partying. Haha, truly a nostalgic time of my life that changed me a lot.

Had my heart broken.

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Now this is something that had a huge impact on me, I have a soft and open heart and I love hard and feel a lot. When you open yourself to someone and then they decline you, it hurts. And it hurts so bad. But I think it helped me grow, and I am thankful for the lessons it thought me.

Broke my arm, collarbone, wrist.

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Arm = fell of my horse, Collarbone = 2 times when I was a kid cause I was wild, wrist = was launched off a jumping pad and landed on some bricks :)

Was a scout.

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From 4th to 8th. grade I was a scout and it was really fun. I got to socialise a lot, and be out in nature.


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A part of being a scout, the best part. Getting to meet people from all over the world and creating friendships, living in a much more primal way, camp fires ect. It is amazing, and I think the diva in me was controlled because of it.


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A part of me that I love is how much I love hiking and nature, having a big backpack and determination. And hiking in the Norwegian nature, it is incredible.

Loved with all of my heart.

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There is no better feeling and nothing more pure <3

Experienced pure happiness.

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That tingly feeling in your stomach and your just sitting by yourself smiling. Or when you laugh so hard that you cry, its amazing.

Experienced crushing sadness.

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It changes you and widens your empathy. Look back on sadness as a lesson and not with bitterness.

Adopted a dog.

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The love I have for my creature is endless, the bond between a dog and its owner is special. She is my little pig. (6yr old staffordshire, adopted September 2017)

Got two part-time jobs between school.

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I got my first part time job in 2015 (16yrs old) and I was really proud of myself, in 2017 I got my second job (18yrs old) and doing school swell. I am really proud that I am able to balance this, and I am grateful that it has given me the insight of working 'small jobs' (fast food 'chef', grocery store). It does take a mental and physical toll sometimes so its important to take time for myself, and my loved ones.

Made friends for a lifetime.

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I can honestly say I have a problem keeping in touch with friends from school ect. But I always know that I have them there. Friends are important, take care of them and they will take care of you. <3

This is some of the cool stuff I have done and I can't wait to grow more and experience so much more in my life, so far I have been on this planet for 19 years and can't wait for many more.

xx - Silje