It is so dangerous to let someone in. I've promised myself so many times I wouldn't let anyone close to my heart again, but then you came, and it started as fun and games, you drunk as hell telling me jokes and singing awfully, and I couldn't stop laughing, and in the end of the night we kissed and I went home feeling fullfield, drunk, happy.. But not in a milion years I would've guessed what came after.

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But then you texted me, and I was so sure we would never talk again, you were every bit of a "fun-for-one-night-boy", and we talked, and talked, and you surprised me in so many ways, and when you asked me out on a real date I had to say yes because I was eagger to know more about you. I just had to understand you.

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And we hit it off as if we had known each other forever, and when we kissed again my whole world aligned. I know it seems too soon to say that, but I can't explain in another way, my skin burned, the bar turned blue and all that mattered to me was that I had found you.
Very well, when you let me home that night I was drunk and seeing stars, so happy. The next day we talked the whole day and you asked what was doing that night I was so glad, so I was at the bar with my girlfriends and you showed up there looking as cute as possible, came to my table kissed me on my cheek and went talk to your fellas. I was happy, then all the girls started talking at once: "are you insane?" "you shouldn't date this guy EVER" and they spilled out stories about you and your ex, about you being single and a fuckboy, about all the awful things everyone says.

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I did not care. Call me crazy for not listening but there was something inside me saying I shouldn't listen to anyone. And I decided to listen to my heart. I went straight to the balcon to be away from them for a while and you came, introduced me to your friends, told them I was the beauty you couldn't stay away from. And we left together again. Sunday, you made me company through a hard time (my dog passing) and that meant a lot, we had just met and you understood my pain and helped me.

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And even though this kind of story usually does not end well and the prince charming turns into a frog I decided I wanted to live. I could have my heart broken again, indeed, but I also could experience something really beautiful and I am not a person to let fear guide me.
We started hanging out afternoons too, we went out together the next weekend, and the next after that. Suddenly, all of your friends already knew me, and mine were starting to stop hating you. I heard more awful stuff about you, and I ignored it. And you told me every thing you did wrong, and that you were trying to do it better for me. I was falling in love, fast and hard. And I was not scared of the crash, that's what made you even more dangerous.

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So now we hit that time when it is too soon to say I'm in love, but is too late to say I don't care. We had our first night together, we told each other our deepest secrets. And I'm officially scared of how involved I am in such little time.

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But when I saw your ex the other night I got scared. I'm not insecure about my looks or anything like that, beauty is unique and everyone is beautiful in their own way. But I was scared about your history. Pieces and pieces of what everyone told me created a paranoia in my mind. With her, you were insane, you fighted, you loved, you got over and then back together, you were bringing the worst in each other, and still you cared. With me, you were calm, you were caring, we are sweet and I thought that was exactly what was making you like me. But do you want a love that makes you go crazy and feel you are living on the edge or to be with someone who could be your best friend and brings the best of you?

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It is hard to be with someone new. To open up and let them see all the parts, to have fun like crazy and to cry on their shoulder. You make yourself vulnerable, you put yourself at risk, And I'm every bit of a romantic, beacuse I cannot breath without love. Should I stay or should I go? Classic cliche, and I'm classic to the bottom of my bones. Can we really be together? Can I trust you? The fear came now and it is not going away, and I realized you only actually fear when you are already involved. I don't want to lose you, but I can't ask you to love me. Perhaps you are sitting on your bed thinking the same thing, or perhaps you might be thinking about her instead. I won't ask beacuse I'm scared of the answer. Do you love me? Will you love me?
I don't want an answer, I wanna feel that you do. And I write because I'm too scared to say it out loud. I fell for you, and now that I'm yours, what will you do with me?

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