Hey angels :)
I saw an article, and I was immediately drawn to it. I love this challenge and just had to do it!

Enough of me blabbering (:P), I hope you enjoy!

this article inspired me! check it out!

ใ€ˆ Flower ใ€‰

flowers, purple, and nature image art, flowers, and purple image tree, lavender, and purple image purple, sky, and pink image
lavender. thoughtful and considerate, i hope it's true

ใ€ˆ Moment ใ€‰

city, light, and night image light, city, and travel image winter, christmas, and light image city and light image
travelling with friends in the city, gazing at the beautiful city lights

ใ€ˆ Fruit ใ€‰

red, strawberry, and food image drink, beach, and strawberry image strawberry, chocolate, and food image coffee, drink, and strawberry image
strawberry ;)

ใ€ˆ Place ใ€‰

sea, blue, and ocean image nature, sea, and summer image ocean, summer, and blue image beach, summer, and ocean image
and if you feel you're sinking, i will jump right over into cold, cold water for you

ใ€ˆ Song ใ€‰

quotes, Lyrics, and halsey image halsey, sad, and grunge image gif, quotes, and halsey image at, bad, and Lyrics image
all things halsey

ใ€ˆ View ใ€‰

autumn, city, and fall image city, lamp, and life image autumn, train, and fall image travel image
the leaves changing during fall

ใ€ˆ Accessory ใ€‰

choker, skin, and grunge image accessories, beautiful, and choker image fashion, girl, and indie image bow, fashion, and indie image
those ribbon-ish chokers

ใ€ˆ Weather ใ€‰

clouds, sky, and sun image sky, clouds, and moon image city, pink, and travel image clouds, sky, and plane image
a cloudy day. having a choice, letting it rain or letting the sun seep through

ใ€ˆ Body ใ€‰

bad, classy, and expensive image lips, pink, and glitter image lips, lipstick, and pink image lips, mouth, and teeth image
lips. because i talk a lot haha

ใ€ˆ Clothing ใ€‰

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and style image
my go-to outfit

ใ€ˆ Drink ใ€‰

starbucks, food, and friends image starbucks, coffee, and drink image starbucks, drink, and coffee image starbucks, drink, and coffee image
expensive? hell yes. worth it? every. single. dollar.

ใ€ˆ Colour ใ€‰

quotes, woman, and words image beach, sand, and summer image fashion, outfit, and sweater image gucci, aesthetic, and beige image
beige. neutral. nude.

ใ€ˆ Moment of the Day ใ€‰

quotes, love, and sunset image summer, sea, and sun image pool, house, and travel image travel, sunset, and sky image
the sun loved the moon so much, he died every night so that she could breathe

ใ€ˆ Season ใ€‰

waterfall, summer, and nature image fashion, flowers, and girl image fashion, girl, and outfit image summer, palm trees, and palms image
spring. because flowers :D

ใ€ˆ Feeling ใ€‰

pink and thoughts image quotes, afraid, and happy image girl, beauty, and smile image art, cry, and draw image
i don't know.

ใ€ˆ Activity ใ€‰

book, aesthetic, and vintage image quotes, always, and book image book, vintage, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and pink image
reading. it helps me escape sometimes

ใ€ˆ Object ใ€‰

book, lights, and christmas image light, nature, and travel image light, pink, and tumblr image light, night, and palm trees image
string lights

ใ€ˆ TV Series ใ€‰

dean winchester, gif, and Jensen Ackles image gif, Hot, and jared padalecki image supernatural, castiel, and misha collins image supernatural, wallpaper, and fangirl image
what? no! i totally didn't binge watch 5 seasons in one week...psh

ใ€ˆ Word ใ€‰

boy, cutting, and dark image smile, cry, and quotes image smile, art, and drawing image sad, smile, and quotes image
eccedentesiast | noun | someone who hides pain behind a smile

ใ€ˆ Flavour ใ€‰

food, ice cream, and yummy image brown, cone, and godiva image cake and food image dior, ice cream, and food image

ใ€ˆ Animal ใ€‰

animal, lion, and cat image animal, cute, and lion image girl, animal, and cute image amazing, aww, and baby animal image
leopards. i love them

ใ€ˆ Subject ใ€‰

believe, strong, and study image school, study, and biology image study, school, and college image college, inspiration, and inspire image
i love the 3 sciences

ใ€ˆ Fictional Character ใ€‰

quotes, pink, and enough image quotes, heart, and kind image dusty, hp, and rose image hair, dog, and girl image
luna lovegood. she's my favourite female character in harry potter :)

ใ€ˆ Element ใ€‰

water, nature, and river image waves, sea, and summer image summer, girl, and beach image girl, beach, and sea image
when, i was young, i was deadly afraid of water, as i had almost drowned at a beach before. kinda funny that it's my favourite element now

My, oh my. Thank you sooo much for reading finish this awfully long article (though it's 90% pictures and 10% text). I hope you have a good day (or night)!