Namaste everyone!
Today I decided to write my first article in WHI. I didn't know what I wanted to talk about and then I saw this challenge going around and I thought I should give it a try. So here we go.

My Style

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I don't have a defined style. I wear whatever I feel like that day. My wardrobe is a mix of styles (boho, comfy, rocker, androgynous, etc.) However, my favourite style is boho.

My Hobbies

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I'm a really spiritual persona, so my hobbies right now include meditation, yoga, tarot, astrology, etc. I like acting, singing, dancing, filming and writing.

My fave colours/ Aesthetic

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My favourite color is green. A really light and bright green. I like yellow and orange as well. As for the aesthetic, I really like holographic

My fave animals

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I love every single animal on planet Earth, but my favourite is the wolf. I also really like horses and dogs.

My fave celebrities

I don't like celebrities. LOL

My fave Tv shows

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It depends on what I'm watching at the moment. Now i really like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Black Mirror and Stranger Things

My fave Music

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My favourite music peeps are Michael Jackson and Nirvana. Right now I'm really obsessed with Bastille and Melanie Martinez

My fave movies

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My favourite movie of all times is Pulp Fiction. I love Mia Wallace!!

My personality

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I am spiritual, a little bit weird and rebel. I think of myself as a cute and inoffensive alien.

My fave quotes

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