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Best memory of this last year.

I have so many best memory of last year, it's so hard to pick one of them. Maybe some of them I will share in here. So finally, I can say that I'm totally recover from my anxiety disorder. Even though it was very long journey to healed from that, but I'm glad finally I can get rid the monster inside of me.

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One of the best memories is how the way I figure out to coping my anxiety, with attending some pop up classes event, like beauty class, DIY brush calligraphy class, writing class, fashion class, and DIY flower decorating class. Yeah, I take so many classes to a distraction away from overthinking and depression thought.

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Like I said before, I'm not instantly healed, it was really take a little time to coping it. Because I was brave enough challenge myself to step out from my comfort zone, I’m trying to freshen up my mind and telling what exactly happens to me to my parent and my best friends. It was hard at first to explained to them, but finally they were understand and trying to help me rather than to judging me. Then, I feeling so thankful because of that, like finally you have someone that you can trust it completely.

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I remember it was about one weeks before my birthday, I finally realize all darkness that happens to me it was totally stupid and after that, I'm laughing at my own misery.

"All it was just a past, why I’m still thought about it, it’s time to let it go, and moving on."

Then on December, I went back to my hometown to see all my family and we were hanging out together, went to the lake, swimming together, having fun, and all I can remembered that was we shared happiness together. From now on, their smile is all matters to me.

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Thank you so much for reading and supporting this article. I know there still any mistakes on my writing, and I wish you wouldn't mind about it at all. See you tomorrow at day 25 of challenge!

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