Hiii welcome to my 10th article Instagram worthy: summer. In this article I will show you some pictures that you can take in the summer. I hope you will like this article and have fun reading.

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On vacation

There are amazing places where you can take pictures in this world. For example when you're in Greece, France, USA, Indonesia, & Italy.
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At the beach

I love being at the beach & you van take so many cute And beautiful pictures at the beach!
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At the pool

Some ideas for pictures at the pool:
- in the pool
- At the border of the pool
2 examples:
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➸ In the city

Some ideas for pictures for if you go shopping during your summer break
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➸ Food & drinks

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➸ Some random instagram worthy (summer) picture ideas

You can take the most beautiful pictures for instagram when you are on vacation. You can take pictures at places where you normale don't go like on the beach, pool and in the city but also at monuments Lieke the Eiffel tower. I don't know about you but I love making photos when I'm on vacation.
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Tysm for reading my article!
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