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Truth is, I don’t know much about different flowers and stuff, but I’ll try my best (by using Google). These will be super random and probably won’t relate to me at all... Pictures may also be wrong...please bear with me 😂. I’ll be using my nickname, Trish. :)

✿ Tulip ✿

Temporarily removed flowers and pink image

✿ Rose ✿

flowers, fashion, and black image Temporarily removed

✿ Iris ✿

flowers, pink, and nature image flowers, nature, and pink image

✿ Sunflower ✿

sunflower, flowers, and fashion image girl, sunflower, and flowers image

✿ Hydrangea ✿

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And that’s it! I have no writing explaining each flower cause I have 0% knowledge in these flowers. The pics are probably wrong too, as I have warned above. 😂 Anyway, I hope you “enjoyed” this article!

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