I´ve decided to do something special (I have never seen one on weheartit) :

The movie I want to talk about is Midnight sun (it´s in cinema at the moment ) and this movie is baslically the reason why I want to write movie reviews.

Summary :
Midnight Sun centers on Katie, a 17-year-old sheltered since childhood and confined to her house during the day by a rare disease (XP) that makes even the smallest amount of sunlight deadly. Katie's world opens up after dark when she goes outside to play her guitar. One night, she meets her longtime crush, Charlie . She secretly watched him from her bedroom window for years. Both fall in love but Katie decides to don´t tell him about her desease.

Cast :

beauty, bra, and candids image patrick and schwarzenegger image quinn shephard image actor, rob riggle, and aktor image
Bella Thorne / Patrick Schwarzenegger / Quinn Shephard / Rob Riggle

My opinion :
It´s an ordinary romantic movie . The storyline is beautiful and sad but not really unexpected . I could watch it over and over again because I really like romantic movies .It is a super beautiful lovestory with a serious background . If you are a romantic movie lover , you have to watch it . But don´t forget the tissues.

midnight sun and bella thorne image
midnight sun and bella thorne image