Hey guys, how I are you ?

Some of you, who read my last articles might remember that I have the crisis of my life right now (yeaah I know I'm only 20 but yes). I wish I could tell you that I feel better now and that I know who I want to be and what I aspire in my life , but nope. It is getting worse. Like I-want-to-leave-my- current-life-behind -worse.

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Do you know this feeling?
Fortunately, I'm a very good actress, so no one really knows that I'm suffering like Carrie Bradshaw when her Manolo Blahniks were stolen. My family has a rough time right now and I don't want them to worry about me and I can't talk to my friends about my feelings because I am the one, who comforts them. Beside that, they wouldn't understand me, they always say things like "Oh, it must be so hard to be you!" (please read the sentence in the heaviest sarcastic tone you can imagine)

So you guys are like my therapists! Thanks for that hahaha.

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